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Poetry refers to some form of literature aesthetically displayed where one expresses their feelings and ideas by following a certain rhythm.Benefits of writing poetry essays include:

Help do an assignment helps one on how to construct a text-based argument. This enables one to defend the ideas present on the text available to the individual and other readers and enhances an individual’s reasoning skills since it urges one to formulate an interpretation of something written by someone else. It enables one to come up with logical reasoning as to why they should agree with the argument.

Helps one to have an understanding of what they are reading fully and also teaches one how to frame their own analysis.

Makes poetry sound more interesting since one is engaging themselves in the activity itself and has the ability to a well analyzed constructed poem. This not only shows how well one understands them poem but also how one is contributing to the ongoing conversation in the poem.

A poem essay should always include the following:

  • assignmentTheme-This refers to what the poem is about. Before coming up with a poem one needs to select a significant theme to which the poem will be about. Themes such as love, peace and other things may be used. The theme contributes the message the poem wishes to deliver.
  • Genre-Refers to the type of poem
  • Figures of speech-These are the literal devices in a poem that affects how the audience reads the poem. Some commonly used figures of speech are like: metaphors, similes, personification, ironical statements amongst others.
  • Cultural context: The cultural context explains how the written poem relates to its historical context from which it was derived. Cultural context displays the historical, religion and philosophical aspects of the poem.

One should also analyze the most preferable style in which the poem will be presented such as, analyzing the tense to be used whether you should use the present or past tense for the verbs in the poem.

Structure of a poetry essay:

Introduction-Contains a detailed summary of the feelings, expressions and ideas displayed in a poem

Voice-This is concerned with whether the reader can be able to identify the speaker of the poem.

Structure-this is the form in which the details and events in the poem are displayed to a reader.

Language-In poetry writing the focus is mainly on the poet’s use of language. Use of figures of speech and also alliteration, adjectives, assonance and adverbs are looked for.

Form-Indicates what way the poem is crafted. Things such as rhyme and stanza are key.

Conclusion-The conclusion sums up all the main points that have been explained in the poems body. The conclusion also forms part of a discussion concerning the most intriguing features in the poem.