Fixing iOS 8.1 Battery Draining

October 30, 2014 • Apple

It seems like every new release of iOS causes iPhone and iPad battery life to dramatically decrease. When it happened with my iPad Air, I googled and found a recommendation to go into Settings and select Reset All a Settings. (This can be found under General –> Reset) No need to reset content, too —… Read More ›

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Dealing With Kindle ebook Footnotes

Dealing With Kindle ebook Footnotes

Many of the newer Kindle ebooks I’ve gotten have footnotes that are placed way too close to the text, making opening the footnotes very difficult, frustrating, and, in some cases, not even possible. To see what I mean, here is an example of a footnote that is placed too close to the text: If you… Read More ›

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Fixing iOS 8.1 Battery Draining


It seems like every new release of iOS causes iPhone and iPad battery life to dramatically decrease. When it happened with my iPad Air, I googled and found a recommendation to go into Settings and select Reset All a Settings. (This can be found under General –> Reset) No need to reset content, too —… Read More ›

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Reasoning Evolved to Help Us Win Arguments, Not Find the Truth

Thousands if not millions of hours of research has given us a superabundance of books that explain how we make decisions and why many of them are so poor. Books like Subliminal, Thinking, Fast and Slow, and Predictably Irrational tell us that the more instinctual parts of our brains handle the bulk of our thinking,… Read More ›

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Brilliant Examples of Thinking Outside the Box

Einstein once said that Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge. He then went about proving it by completely re-imagining the concepts of space, time, gravity, matter, and energy. Of course, Einstein had a superior working knowledge of advanced mathematics and geometry. Yet, that would have gone to naught without a superb imagination. As we slug… Read More ›

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Automating with IFTTT

Automating with IFTTT

The relatively new service IFTTT, short for IF This Then This, will let you Easily automate many tasks using one of thousands of existing “recipes or through your own recipes. I am currently using 7 recipes, four of them being as follows: This is simply one of the coolest services I have ever seen.  Notice… Read More ›

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A Screwtape Letter on How To Waste Your Life


Many, many years ago, I read a couple of C.S. Lewis books that had such an impact on me that I occasionally re-read them: The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce. The Screwtape Letters are a series of fictional letters sent from a leading demon in hell to a young demon on earth, one who… Read More ›

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Importing Outlook into Gmail

(6) Importing Outlook into Gmail

Note: This was originally posted on my KeenerLiving site, which I am letting expire on Aug 10, 2012. While I am letting most of the KeenerLiving content be deleted, this post is one of a few that received a few thousand visits per month. Hence, given the traffic it has seen in the past, I… Read More ›

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Interesting Approach to Time Management: the Agile Way

My friend Ruud Hein has introduced me to an interesting time management system known as the Agile Way. It looks like an easy system to adopt, and can even be implemented using Evernote. I also like that the author of the system freely mixes the use of paper and Evernote, without fanaticism as to one… Read More ›

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How Email, Twitter, Facebook Can Keep You From Dying

All across the world, and especially the US, nursing homes and hospice centers are overflowing with people who just will not die. They are saying I can’t die yet! I’ve still got unread email and tweets and Facebook messages! Sound a bit Twighlight-Zonish to you? Hum … well … can you say there’s no truth… Read More ›

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A VC: Some More Thoughts On Kindle and Reading On An iPad

A VC: Some More Thoughts On Kindle and Reading On An iPad Fred Wilson describes how the iPad helps him get more engaged in reading Kindle ebooks. (I like how it showcases his curiosity, a key trait of successful people.) Also be sure to click through to his other Kindle article. Like Fred, I highlight… Read More ›

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Run Windows on Your iPad

With Apples Pages and Numbers and Keynote supporting iCloud, iPad users could feel that there is no longer any need to use any Microsoft Office products. But, you may occasionally wonder “wouldn’t it be nice if I could open this document in Microsoft Word, or this presentation in PowerPoint?” And for those who want to… Read More ›

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I Know You’re Dead, But I Still Worry About You: A Love Story

My ebook about the love of my life, and my grief following her death, is now available from Kindle Direct Publishing: I Know You’re Dead, But I Still Worry About You: A Love Story I’ve poured a lot of emotional energy into writing this over the past several months, especially the last few. I hope… Read More ›

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I don’t want it if I can’t have too much of it

The title is a quote (or a close paraphrase) of something I recently read in one of Mary Karr’s or David Foster Wallace’s books. While what I read was about addiction, and the brain chemistry that helps it thrive, it seems to me that the “quote” applies to life in general in these United States…. Read More ›

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Book Recommendations from Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Me

On the Today show, about 8 months ago, former president Bill Clinton discussed his favorite books. It’s a very interesting list. I took up his recommendation for books by Daniel Silva and read his latest, The Fallen Angel … it turned out being one of the best mystery novels I’ve ever read, and so I… Read More ›

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A Tune from My Scrap Pile

Sometimes I throw tunes away. Sometimes they are better than the ones I keep and upload to YouTube. Here is one that might have been a keeper in one of my parallel universes. A little home-made tune that borrows heavily from 8 Days A Week:

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Speaking of Consciousness: Science and Understanding the Meaning of Self

A couple of my recent posts have been on the subject of consciousness, a subject that fascinates me, although I am but a lowly laymen in terms of understanding it. But, I do try to keep up with new approaches to what consciousness means and what our sense of self means (to the extent that… Read More ›

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One Thing Everyone Should Know About Quantum Mechanics

The video below shows “Dr. Quantum” describing, in everyday terms, the Double-Slit Experiment, which is one thing that everyone should try to understand about quantum mechanics. According to Richard Feynman, this classic gedanken experiment “has in it the heart of quantum mechanics” and “is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way.” If you… Read More ›

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Why I Love Science: Potential Changes to General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics


I recently mentioned that Nobel Laureate Gerald ‘t Hooft is working on demystifying quantum mechanics by making it deterministic instead of indeterministic. But he’s not alone in potentially shaking up the foundations of quantum mechanics: two university scientists have performed experiments that place doubt on the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle, which is absolutely fundamental to quantum… Read More ›

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Use a Text Editor to Detect Phishing in Emails

I received an email today that appeared to be from AT&T, suggesting that I owed about $100 on my phone bill. Since I stay up-to-date on my bills, I was suspicious, so I selected the “Save As” option in Apple Mail’s File menu to save the file to my desktop. I then used BBEdit to… Read More ›

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Stephen Covey Quotes from The 7 Habits


A few months ago I re-read Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I decided I needed a refresher since my first reading of it was almost 25 years ago. It is re-inspiring me with so many of its insights, and I thought it might be useful to you for me to share a… Read More ›

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Facebook Snoops You, Then Tries to Get Money from You

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 8.33.44 PM

A few nights ago, I ordered some jeans online, using the Chrome browser on my MacBook Air (the latter of which I love). As soon as completing the purchase via PayPal, I opened a browser window to my Facebook page. Within two seconds, the following ad appeared directly in my “news stream”: These are the exact jeans… Read More ›


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